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"I really love diamonds and colored stones, but I've never gotten all that excited about pearls."

The above sentiment was one that Andrew Moline read consistently across consumer forums, heard in conversations among jewelry fanatics, and found proven in many area jewelry stores. And, there was good reason for it: Most jewelry stores just didn't have nice pearls -- even well-known, reputable stores that carried high quality diamonds, gold, and other gemstones seemed to fall short in the area of pearls. 

Andrew wanted to set out to change that sentiment towards pearls, and thus Moline Pearls was born. And with it was not a desire to undercut everyone else with the lowest price possible and "decent enough" pearls, but to show to others who valued the best of the best in other areas of jewelry that pearls were capable of running with the best of diamonds and colored stones. 

Below, meet some of the folks behind the magic.

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