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Quality Standards: The Japanese Akoya Pearl

The Japanese Akoya Pearl is known for its high luster, perfectly round shape, rose color, and it is Akoya pearls that most are thinking of when "classic pearls" come to mind. 

Moline Pearl Grading Standards for Akoya Pearls can be found below along with a visual representation of Moline grading standards. Typically, gem-quality Akoya strands are available only on special request. Other qualities are usually stocked in most sizes.

Grading Chart.png

*Sometimes, strands may exhibit some qualities of "gem" but not quite meet the full grade in other areas. In such cases, strands will be described in more detail such as "gem quality luster with AAA level smoothness," etc. As always, please get in touch for further information, questions, or photos of pearls.

Below, see a Moline grading standard visual representation for Akoya pearls. 

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